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Send one message per day to the nearest potential buddies ! Then let's see who is gonna answer ! Chat with friends and meet people, everybody is waiting for you out there !


You only have one Sight per day. Use. It. Fine. Play with your imagination, and find the best punch line to tease your future friends.


Learn to know people who sent you those awesome Sights. Give enough information to other buddies so they can contact you. People are real.


Chat with your new friends. Answer a funny Sight. Life you life and meet people on your street's corner. Keep in touch with everyone.


Show to the world what you like. The system will match the best profiles for you to meet. Hobbies summarize our tastes, so you will like your new friends.

Meet The Team

All from the same school, we are like our app, friendly and open minded ! We can't wait to talk to all of you via Nearsight ;).